Specialized Energy Consulting, Long Term Agreements, Accounting, Financial and Training

Helping countries to help themselves

For countries wishing to secure the financing and seek the accounting skills to manage their power generation, oil & gas and refinery projects, HMH offers consulting and structured training for:

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Business Plan Development
  • Funding Application Development
  • Fair Pricing Determination
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Contract Negotiations with Multinationals and/or other Governments to Establish Agreements
  • Revenue Stream Analysis and Optimization

We can consult only, train only or for best results, offer a blend of consulting and training. Our services can assist with loan application from international development organizations or US government agencies as well as facilitate contract negotiation with multinational firms for the best revenue return for you.

If a multinational firm expresses interest in investing in your country, you need the skills to review the applicant's business plan and negotiate a fair contract. We can help you there as well.


HMH professors and consultants have extensive experience on the subject. They have performed as main economical/financial advisors of major international projects such as:

  • Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline (GASBOL), the longest natural gas pipeline in South America
  • Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan and India pipeline project (TAPI)

Their professional experience also includes world-class international development agencies such as the World Bank. HMH has a working knowledge base and project experience in over 70 countries.