HMH Premier Product, Single Service, Multiservice or Turnkey Service Solutions

Field Services
Installation & Commissioning
Auxiliary Upgrades
Maintenance Contracts

Equipment Inspection & Valuation
Test Witness and Evaluation
Overhaul & Repair Technical Support
Engineering Support
Equipment & Controls
Control Cabinets

Skids & Specialty Kits
Water wash
Lube Oil
Custom Packaged Systems

Fogging Systems
Custom System Design

Engine Cleaning
Specialty Chemicals
Online Wash
Offline Wash

Filter Elements/Direct OEM Replacement
Fuel Gas
Seal Gas
Liquid Fuel
Lube Oil
Dematerialized Water

Fire Detection & Suppression Packages
Gas Extinguishing Systems
Foam Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Design & Installation

Laser Scanning/3D Modeling of Site
Engineering Services Using State-of-the-Art Technology
Complete Up-to-Date Drawings of the Facility

Lighting Systems
Energy Efficient Retrofits & Replacements
LED Technology
Induction Lighting Technology
Design & Installation

Waste Disposal
Fuels / Oils
Hazardous Waste Products

Asset Optimization Auxiliary Load Reduction Analysis
Audit & Review Current Assets
Feasibility Studies
RFP Generation & Technical Writing Support
Consolidate Dead & Overstock Material
Manage Acquisition Costs
Supporting & Enhancing Life Cycle Needs of Your Facilities
Liquidate Used & Excess Parts and Equipment

Heat & Weather Shielding
Mini Shield
Cable Tray Shield
Ladder Shield

Global to Local

HMH Oil & Gas Industrial Services Brochure

Locker Radiant Heat Shielding - Heat and Weather Shielding, Repair/Replace and Installation.

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