About HMH Energy Services

HMH was founded on the principle that customers come first. This led us to create a business model designed to serve the needs - and achieve the goals - of our customers. "Customer first" stands for professionalism, trust, integrity and a devotion to excellence. But at HMH, our commitment to our customers runs even deeper, our owners and senior staff have committed to aligning their interests closely with those of our customers. That means that we operate with integrity, prudence and a view toward creating long-term value. By aligning our goals with those of our customers, HMH has become a trusted partner for our commercial and government customers worldwide. HMH recognizes that it is only through a deep understanding of our customer's strategic objectives that we are able to provide effective solutions and lasting results.

HMH takes great pride in the caliber of our people and the collective experience they possess. Over the years we have made a concerted effort to attract and retain the best minds in the business, with broad-ranging expertise across the energy sector.

With activities that range across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia we have developed a global perspective on energy markets, conflict zones and developing countries. In addition to our own highly talented teams, we have access to an extensive global network of energy professionals and leaders in both the private and public sectors. These individuals have experience and knowledge spanning many of the global markets, providing HMH a competitive advantage in maximizing human intelligence and delivering compelling value to our customers.

At HMH everything we do is guided by a set of principles that define our character and culture; the same principles have been at the core of HMH since its inception. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct on a daily basis - they are the fundamental strength of our business.

"The future success of our business is built on how we service our customers today"

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